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    340 Sow Compound Minerals

    Sow Mineral Compound Minerals

    Munaikang is an innovative product of Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co., Ltd, a feed used to supplement animals’ demands for potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) and sulfur (S).


    Potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) and sulfur (S) which have been considering as nutrition factors essential for maintaining life.


    Merits of Munaikang

    • Strong bioavailability with low solubility
    • Ultralow heavy metal content, and is approved by the American Green Food Registration Commission to be used for production of organic food.
    • In granular crystal structure, with stable properties, uniform size, good fluidity and sound palatability.


    Component analysis


    Guaranteed values in product

    component analysis

    Guaranteed values of heavy metals

    K ≥  17.0%

    As ≤0.0005%

    Mg ≥  10.0%

    Pb ≤ 0.001%

    S ≥  21.0%


    Appearance: white, grey or pink crystal or powder

    Package: 25 kg



    The production performance of sows decides directly the profits of a pig farm. And with K and Mg ions, Munaikang can ease the sows’ stress, mitigate endocrine disorder, adjust the sodium-water metabolic balance, so as to:

    Relieve constipation, increase litter size, stimulate food intake and milk production, prevent weight loss during the lactation period, and thus comprehensively strengthen production performance


    Recommended dosage

    • 2-5kg/Ton into feed for pregnant sows, and 3-5kg/ton for lactating sows
    • For sows with severe constipation: 30-50g for each daily, and 50-100g for each sow with extreme anorexia

    [Fattening pigs]

    K and Mg are the most important cations in cell liquid, crucial to maintaining muscle, tissue water balance and body fluid PH. Mg participates in protein synthesis, and can reduce water loss in the pork and improve its color. Therefore, the product can effectively lower PSE pork and water loss, improve the pork quality and lengthen shelf life, raise feed conversion rate, stimulate weight growth, lessen backfat thickness, and improve the skin color.

    The effect will be better if used together with vitamin E.


    Recommended dosage

    • 2.5-3.5kg/ton and apply one month before slaughter

    [Ease stress]

    Recommended dosage

    • An addition of 2-5kg/ton into the feed can effectively ease the stress from the environment and transport.
    • An addition of 3-5kg/ton into the feed for boars can improve sperm quality and enhance sexual drive, thus increasing the sows’ conception rate.
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